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  • TheMangledTriangle
    TheMangledTriangle4 órája

    The foil is conductive dude lol

  • Theresa Dowling
    Theresa Dowling4 órája

    Jazza* screaming Me* laughing uncontrollably

  • Dremxify
    Dremxify4 órája

    I got an add of yourself before this

  • Altoryu
    Altoryu4 órája

    Too many cuts in this

  • christian nunag
    christian nunag4 órája

    I actually used my just my fingers to shade 😂

  • Anna Otten
    Anna Otten4 órája

    This painting knocked my breath out

  • Mora Jackson
    Mora Jackson5 órája

    The Shiva Paint Sticks (oil sticks) are used in fiber arts a lot (see hubase.info/zone/02u6xYubequlgYI/vide.html)

  • Dr.Slime-Roblox
    Dr.Slime-Roblox5 órája

    I had a skillshare add where jazza was advertising and I thought it was part of the video

  • Tanna Chapin
    Tanna Chapin5 órája

    Hawkeye and black widow are the BEST avengers cuz they’re the only ones with actual talent that’s not other worldly/ alien or just like a super suit

  • ztedsgaming
    ztedsgaming5 órája

    11:34 bruh this is wonderful

  • MineClasher8
    MineClasher85 órája

    Guys if found the kid from toy story one its scary cause hes adult now

  • DaBaby
    DaBaby5 órája

    3:00 Candis

  • JR
    JR5 órája

    ART ATTACK !!!!

  • darwin dale
    darwin dale5 órája

    Me gets triggered because jazza spins is so slow:[email protected]!??!?!?!?!?!??!?

  • so...that happened
    so...that happened5 órája

    I have always found blending stumps don’t give me good control over what and how much I can blend. I use the tissue wrapped around the finger technique.

  • Supratim Biswas
    Supratim Biswas5 órája

    I have done it in vectorian giotto

  • random person on the internet
    random person on the internet5 órája

    its funny how hes not even subscribed to her

  • Savanna Stephens
    Savanna Stephens6 órája

    My Bixby went off.

  • Frankie Rzucek Jr
    Frankie Rzucek Jr6 órája

    Is that a WOKE JOKER??? LMFAO

  • Grace Simper
    Grace Simper6 órája

    His is better than mine even if I watched the video

  • Graceful_Skies
    Graceful_Skies6 órája

    The ad I got for this video was a skillshare add that had jazza in it. I was confused because I couldn’t tell if it was an add or the video.

  • Frankie Rzucek Jr
    Frankie Rzucek Jr6 órája

    You're an Actor, Editor, Illustrator, a Writer, and most of all a TALENTED ARTIST. WHAT CANT YOU DO?? WELL DONE BRO.

  • Turtel Animation
    Turtel Animation6 órája

    I'm super impressed

  • Frankie Rzucek Jr
    Frankie Rzucek Jr6 órája

    The one with a the smile at the end was the creepiest. Very cool.

  • Jayden McKenzie
    Jayden McKenzie6 órája

    he is going to get canceled for the first art and music

  • Kabi
    Kabi6 órája

    0:56 What a cool door

  • Butterfly 0054
    Butterfly 00546 órája

    Paint Tool Sai is also pretty good for beginners! Idk if it is still free but it was several years ago when I got it

  • Frankie Rzucek Jr
    Frankie Rzucek Jr6 órája

    I think the Ora or whatever that colored shape-shifting Ora should be purple since the mom is red and the dad was blue. So the child should have the combined color of purple. I'm only halfway through so idk what you'll end up making. But I'm just sayin lol

  • Frankie Rzucek Jr
    Frankie Rzucek Jr7 órája

    Just draw Gal Gadot lol, Aka Wonder Woman. I don't think ANYONE could have played a better Wonder Woman.

  • Ethan Gravely
    Ethan Gravely7 órája

    I would buy this 🪱

  • Kate Jagger
    Kate Jagger7 órája

    As an American, that hurt. As a fan, that was awesome! I like George the best. 😎 Love from Washington state! ❤️🇺🇸🌲

  • Jose Cespedes
    Jose Cespedes7 órája

    Bob Says u need thicker oil paints

  • AquatixThunderDog
    AquatixThunderDog7 órája

    Sid from toy story and his friends in 2021

  • I Won
    I Won7 órája

    He will finally defeat shad and his arsenal of medieval sticks

  • Alicia dove Bridenbaugh
    Alicia dove Bridenbaugh7 órája

    To jazza cool drawing

  • Murakumo Vance
    Murakumo Vance7 órája

    So I'm discovering this video in 2021 and sufficed to say I'm so upset because I heard Mindshow was cancelled. So I ask you Jazza... Is there an alternative to Mindshow out there somewhere? I just developed a tolerance to my Oculust Rift S and can afford to go long periods on it without motion sickness. As a result I want to be able to throw together skits like this quick and easy. Preferably skits where I can create my own characters.

  • fat Kraken
    fat Kraken7 órája

    7€ is kinda over priced for me

  • A Harry Potter Fan
    A Harry Potter Fan7 órája

    1:06 you sure your not American?

  • Si Allan
    Si Allan7 órája

    My eyes are itching watching this

  • Hero Cat
    Hero Cat8 órája

    This is my 12th time watching this video. im never gonna get this

  • Frankie Rzucek Jr
    Frankie Rzucek Jr8 órája

    Dude that Magma character was brilliantly redone. It's like the kids are giving you great ideas. I can't wait to see the rest.

  • Reqo ♡
    Reqo ♡8 órája

    Lets just accept it. He is male Rae.

  • Tiffany Leung
    Tiffany Leung8 órája

    This was really cool but I can’t see my hand anymore it won’t wash off help

  • Elise Perez
    Elise Perez8 órája

    I don’t think James’ character changed that much he just got to a mediocre marshmallow to a astonishing marshmallow

  • Meme Lord Of Memes
    Meme Lord Of Memes9 órája

    Queen Bee be like:

  • DittDott
    DittDott9 órája

    I need more of these! It's so fun seeing the random characters come together!

  • blahbi bloohbi
    blahbi bloohbi9 órája

    The pencil kinda carrying not gonna lie...

  • Zawadi Machibya
    Zawadi Machibya9 órája

    Not funny bro I'm trying to blend ssjg and you didn't help at all

  • Stephen Sotelo
    Stephen Sotelo9 órája

    Who thinks Jazza should try food coloring watercolor painting

  • Hero Of The Otaku
    Hero Of The Otaku9 órája

    Blending with your finger introduces oils into your art that over time will deteriorate your piece of art which is why you want to never touch it to blend or at least that’s how the existence of blending stump was justified to me

  • Jennifer Raney
    Jennifer Raney9 órája

    After i started watching you i started getting skillshare ads with you in them

  • danei
    danei9 órája

    Caption: "Jeepers! This man spent so much money for a fake 130 year old pen!"

  • Frankie Rzucek Jr
    Frankie Rzucek Jr9 órája

    You could have made that guy spraying graffiti on the train. Lol like you see everywhere lol. You make this look so easy

  • Angelo Pappas
    Angelo Pappas9 órája

    I never knew

  • Janine Sabitch
    Janine Sabitch9 órája

    Imagine getting a skill share add by jazz a in his video

  • AGHA GABRIEL2304_2
    AGHA GABRIEL2304_29 órája

    you don't have to sleep in creative mode you can't be killed well if you fall in the void in creative you die

  • Jacqueline Ireland
    Jacqueline Ireland9 órája


  • Jacqueline Ireland
    Jacqueline Ireland9 órája

    Jazza has a definite understanding of the muscular makeup of the human body and bone structure.

  • Jacqueline Ireland
    Jacqueline Ireland10 órája

    Make a dragon!!! She is beautiful Jazza.

  • Kari Ingebritsen
    Kari Ingebritsen10 órája

    I like this vid a lot

  • OscarPlayz 8990
    OscarPlayz 899010 órája

    Pixlr is also a good photoshop alternative

  • Fleetwood7685 gaming
    Fleetwood7685 gaming10 órája

    Why do you look and sound like Muselk

  • Teo mckinney
    Teo mckinney10 órája

    This is not a comment That is true That is false

  • avernion
    avernion10 órája

    I can always see in my art when I have watched Jazza content. He inspires like no other.

  • PinkPonyOfPrey
    PinkPonyOfPrey10 órája

    Well, that's a great wife for a jazza. They looks enough like two people with one mind to grow old just fine together! :D

  • Shawna Schwartzbauer
    Shawna Schwartzbauer10 órája

    How detailed can you sculpt with playdough?!

  • JubulentDrag0n games
    JubulentDrag0n games10 órája

    New sub. How ya doin.. Gotta say I watched the other guys video and I'm not impressed. Gotta give this one to you. Keep up the good work.

  • plants vs zombies garden warfare
    plants vs zombies garden warfare10 órája

    Didn't expect this but dam

  • Ervin Huff
    Ervin Huff10 órája

    When a jazza ad pops up and you don't realize that it's an ad you just think it's part of the video

  • Jacqueline Ireland
    Jacqueline Ireland10 órája

    I think it came out fabulous! And I bet it smells....um....well it just smells. Curious about how many bugs are going to like it. Great challenge but you pulled it off. Sorry you couldn't be Bob's replacement. It would have been a good thing.


    Pause and go to 7:22



  • nepali nimesh
    nepali nimesh11 órája

    I think its gonna be blending stump

  • Hannah T
    Hannah T11 órája

    the oil dripping out is a sign if good quality oil paints

  • LGPR2011
    LGPR201111 órája

    I reckon that your adventurer of rainbow island should be called jefferey.

  • Dancer Supreme
    Dancer Supreme11 órája

    Annnd I got an add for his Skillshare classes. Lol.

  • Karl Alan
    Karl Alan11 órája

    I love the contrast of tip 8 essentially being wabi sabi, and also being the first digital art, rather than completely natural.

  • JuliasTheEpic
    JuliasTheEpic11 órája

    Lol jazza didn’t know what a blending stump is Have been using a blending stumps since i was 8 yrs old lol

  • RDGamer
    RDGamer11 órája

    Disney should hire this guy

  • Alicia dove Bridenbaugh
    Alicia dove Bridenbaugh11 órája

    To jazza I use the back of one of my used up sketch books the card board keeps the marker from leaking to the other paper.